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Like the reliable tool you grab for every job, the Transition Smuggler Alloy NX Mountain Bike is the go-to bike for any trail pointed up, down, and all around.

With dual 29 inch wheels, 130mm rear and 140mm front travel, the Smuggler may just be the most versatile bike in our lineup. A highly progressive leverage curve and comfortable, confidence-inspiring geo make it eager to keep going mile after mile while remaining surefooted in even the most technical terrain. Sitting squarely between the Spur and Sentinel in travel, geometry, and capability, it shares qualities of both. Inspiring and rewarding to hammer on your favorite singletrack, while never holding you back when the trail gets steep, the Smuggler will make sure you enjoy it all.


Transition went into the Smuggler project with the intention of creating a bike that had the quick and high-energy feel of the Spur, but with a bit more travel front and rear. What we ended up with was a perfect blend of the Spur and Sentinel in geometry, travel, capability, and weight. It's not all downhill in the PNW; there's plenty of singletrack, technical trail, and meandering connective routes. The Smuggler is perfect for a day when your path comes across all of the above.

Progression In All The Right Places

The kinematics are similar to the Spur with a little over 27% progression. This provides a bottomless feel in a mid-travel package. Paired with the Fox Float X shock, the Smuggler can be set up to suit any rider's preference. Looking to increase rear travel? Simply remove the travel reducer in the shock to bump the travel up to 140mm. Looking for a bit more progression? Just add a larger volume spacer. All of this equates to a super lively, active, and forgiving rear suspension feel in any terrain.

Transition Smuggler Alloy NX Mountain Bike Highlights

  • Dual 29" Wheels Clearance to run up to 2.5" tires.
  • 40mm front and 130mm rear travel The perfect amount of travel for moving around the mountains.
  • Drop in Headset Bearings Eliminates headset cups for simpler setup and durability.
  • New Cable Routing Clean headtube cable routing for precise cable management.
  • Internal Cable Routing Guide tubes inside the frame for super easy setup.
  • Size Specific Chainstays As the frame sizes grow, so do the chainstays to keep rider weight balanced on the bike.
  • 27% Progression Allows the bike to be incredibly responsive to the trail while still being able to take large hits.
  • Gear Accessory Mount Ditch the backpack and keep essential gear for on trail repairs.
  • UDH SRAM's universal derailleur hanger available at almost every bike shop.
  • Lifetime Warranty We believe your bike should last longer than you.
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