Blue Trail - Goosey Foot Tarn


Distance: 7 miles  Time: Approximately 1.5hrs  Difficulty: Easy (could take up to 45 min to get up the first hill)


This is the easiest trail in the forest and takes approximately 1.5hrs.  Head up “the big hill” to Moor Top car park (which can take a family with smaller children up to 45 minutes to complete), then head into the forest and head round a short 2 mile trail, which undulates through the forest back to Moor Top.  Finally you get to descend back the way you came for a fantastic downhill finish, back to the centre.

NB - All distances and times are from the main centre but the trail can be shorter (only 30 min) if you have your own bike as you can begin at the top of the hill in Moor Top car park.

Sculptures to watch out for…

If you enjoy finding the sculptures around the forest, keep your eyes pealed for the Nigel Ross Bench by Nigel Ross, Midnight Feast by Mike Winstone, Cliff Tructure by Richard Harris, Underground Tree by Shigea Toya, and the mushrooms!

Please be aware that we do not guarantee you will see all or any of these sculptures, but keeps yours eyes peeled and you might see a few!