2022 MRP Hazzard - Standard Eyelets - 210 x 55mm


Price £600.00

The MRP Hazzard is a popular coil option on our Forbidden Druid builds.  With the option of a progressive coil now available they transform a bike previously on air. 


  • Developed specifically for the needs of all-mountain and enduro riders.
  • Features the Shred Lever™ which when engaged reroutes oil through an additional shimmed flow path to greatly boost low-speed compression damping. Say goodbye to energy-sapping suspension movement when you’re hoofing it up steep routes to access rad descents!
  • Can be paired with MRP’s lightweight Enduro SL springs or Progressive Springs, which increase in spring rate late in stroke to provide additional ramp-up and bottom-out control. These springs can be used with bikes featuring linear or modestly progressive leverage curves that traditionally needed air shocks.
  • Large 14mm diameter shaft and reinforced eyelet joint for better durability with frames utilizing Clevis mounting and/or linkage yokes.


  • Fixing - Standard eyelets
  • Size - 210 x 55mm

    Please note it does NOT come with a coil or hardware, this is just the body.  A coil can be ordered for your weight / riding style.  For example a SL spring will be £130 on top of the shock body.

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