2021 Cane Creek Helm MKII - 29 - 160mm - 44mm - Black - Coil

Cane Creek

Price £1,050.00

This set of Fox forks meets the following criteria:

  • Wheel Size - 29
  • Travel - 160mm
  • Offset - 44mm
  • Colour - Gloss Black
  • Damper - Coil
  • Axle - 15 Thru
  • They are boost spacing so 110mm.

Brand new and boxed.

They Say....

With the HELM MKII we re-examined every aspect of the fork’s internal design. From new SKF wiper seals, to lighter weight damper fluid, to a redesigned air spring - we tweaked and tuned and improved the HELM, all in the name of reducing friction as the fork moves through its travel. The result is the smoothest and most supple fork Cane Creek has ever made, all while providing the same incredible support and stability of the original HELM.

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